Career Counselling

Where are you in your career?

Do you understand how your core values have shaped your career and life choices?  Common drivers are –  the need for security, for self-expression, for belonging, for achievement, for recognition, for money as evidence of success or proof of recognition.  Some people are driven by the negative, so the subconscious drive is to avoid – failure, poverty, shame, not belonging.  We help you uncover the deep-seated drivers in your life, positive and negative, which really control your choices.  We believe that we make rational choices however, neuroscience now reveals what really goes on in our brains.  We help you mine your own mind and create the most satisfying choices for your future.

Stage One – Taking Stock – Where Am I Now?    [Self-Assessment]

Start your career counselling programme (or redundancy programme) by examining your life and career from several perspectives.  We help your clarity with career assessment test for adults.  Become crystal clear about what is important to you (core values).  Add your priorities, commitments, interests, competencies, skills, experience etc.   Also, what metaprogrammes influence you?  (do you like the big picture or the detail?  Do you work towards a clear vision or away from a fear (failure, humiliation….?).  Build a picture of you and your life – now – and what you want in future.

Stage Two – Career Directions – Where Do I want to Get to?  [Exploration]

Researching online and in person, exploring options and possibilities, testing assumptions, confirming commitment to the possible changes.

Stage Three – Planning for Success – How Do I get There?   [Taking Action]

Networking,  using search firms and agencies, preparing CVs for each type of application, completing application forms (including handling awkward issues), using social media – your LinkedIn profile, perhaps setting up a website, interview skills and practice, negotiating the package, handling references, induction into the new role.

To start this journey into your new career, with the confidential support of experienced professionals committed to success, email us at or call us on 0131 531 8702.

While looking for new opportunities, Barbara was professional, honest, fair and interested in my career journey.  She contributed to my eventual success in a number of varied roles for which I needed to adapt my style, CV and often presentations.  She helped with interview practice, finding the “anchor” from which to deliver your best performance, as well as providing CV guidance – which i (sic) thought my recent MBA had all but ticked off, as well as walking through pitch presentations in order to perfect both their content, delivery and relevance.

Barbara’s professionalism and experience were important components of my eventual success, but also her honesty and support throughout our sessions gave me confidence and motivation to make the most of my skills, personality and experience to both potential clients and employers.  (J.C. Senior executive in the financial sector, Edinburgh)

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