Executive Search Firm - Diamonds HR

Why Use Diamonds HR?

  1. In an economic age where services are becoming standardised and are purchased as if they were commodities i.e. on price, we offer service as standard.
  2. Professional management consultancy:
    1. A full briefing meeting, at which we listen(!), discuss, and advise;
    2. Our considered recommendations in a full proposal detailing, deliverables, timescale, process, costs etc;
    3. Regular reports to our client re progress; taking responsibility for the agreed outcomes;
  3. Confidentiality;
  4. We deliver. On time; on budget;
  5. Cost effective, based on 25 years' experience in Executive Selection and Search;
  6. Objective advice; we work for clients in many sectors and are not dependent on assignments in any one sector. We have no vested interest in any outcome other than in line with our client's brief;
  7. Market knowledge - past experience of recruiting for senior positions in most sectors and a wide range of knowledgeable contacts;
  8. International experience - Our experience includes working with clients, and candidates, from all over the world; we understand the cultural variations and how to ensure success when operating across cultures;
  9. Success at attracting candidates - outstanding researchers and consultants identifying targeted candidates, reaching them, and engaging their interest;
  10. Fast results - We work only on a limited number of assignments at any time in order to offer each client an excellent service;
  11. Freeing our Client's senior people and staff;
  12. Ethical approach - adherence to a rigorous Code of Conduct of the Institute of Consulting.