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Types of Psychometric Assessment Tools

Personality Questionnaires

These provide insights into how the person operates, his/her motivation etc. on various scales such as: Interpersonal skills, Thinking style and Coping mechanisms; Management style; Subordinate style (does that potential new boss have a compatible style?); Team type; Career themes; Development points.

Ability Tests

There are many ways to assess a person's ability including:

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

This is a developing field, based on the premise that success for humans (in Life, business, studies, coping with change, communication in any situation etc.) is based on factors other than our first definition of 'intelligence'. At least six other types of intelligence appear to exist including Musical and Physical - Sir Yehudi Menuhin and David Beckham could be geniuses in these terms. 'Emotional Intelligence' contains components (or competencies) important for us to function in society effectively.

Seven competencies are: Self-awareness; Motivation; Influence; Conscientiousness and integrity; Emotional resilience; Interpersonal sensitivity; and Decisiveness.

Emotional Intelligence can be developed. So this tool can help identify strengths and areas for future development. Then we can compile a focused action plan to address development needs.

Jung type indicator

Based on Karl Jung's theories of personality type in four dimensions, one of which is Extravert (E)- Introvert (I); Often known as Myers Brigg Type Indicator after two early developers; excellent for team building etc; you may know yourself or a colleague as an ENTJ, an INFP etc;

We offer many others including:

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