Executive Search Firm - Diamonds HR


We aim for client satisfaction as our minimum result, and client delight as our goal.

Organisation One - Leading PFI Group in UK - Contracts Director

"...find a Commercial Director for our new joint venture office... The requirement was for a highly experienced Quantity Surveyor with strong leadership and managerial skills, and experience of large scale PFI contracts worth about £200 million. We knew that strong candidates would be scarce. We obtained an excellent shortlist of candidates and were able to choose the best candidate for us, who came from a major Scottish firm and who was unique as he had the large PFI contract experience we wanted. ..Their commitment to producing results for us was obvious, and many telephone conversations took place out of usual office hours to speed the process."
"...project management fitted with our needs as we wanted to be kept informed, and to be involved in the key decisions, but also relied on Barbara' s firm to do the work and to keep up the momentum. We plan to grow our businesses in Scotland and we had to maintain good relations with Government, our joint venture partners and candidates. So, the image created by Barbara's firm as our representative was important as was confidentiality. We were pleased with both aspects of their work in this regard."
"Fees were reasonable, much less than for comparable service from London firms, and we were able to appoint a second, lower level manager from the candidate list."
"The appointee has proved to be highly satisfactory. Overall we would have no hesitation to recommend...and have recommended her to another .....director, .... who has had a similar experience of their firm this year."

Organisation Two - Major UK Legal Firm - Head of Department, Glasgow office

"We have worked with Barbara for years on demanding assignments. Her firm gets results, is committed to doing so, and is highly professional in their work."

Organisation Three - Scottish Housing Association - Chairman

"We simply could not have done it without you." On appointing a new Chief Executive by Advertised Selection.

Organisation Four - US owned, Scottish engineering and manufacturing export company - Chairman

"...Excellent news, one again many thanks for your effort in a very tight time line. We're fortunate to have your services available. I'm sure (new Divisional Financial Controller) will fit in well, and am especially glad to see this position filled at (subsidiary company).
Allow me to also take the time to tell you that we are thrilled with (Managing Director found by DHRL who started this summer)'s performance to date, and the transition between him and (predecessor) has gone very, very well.
So thanks again for helping us develop such a solid team in Scotland."