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Organisational Change - Case Study

Psychometric Assessment for Recruiting and Building a Team - Health Board

Our client had already successfully been though major changes to the NHS lasting for several years. Their directors were keen to keep enhancing skills and effectiveness to deliver results against ambitious Five Year Plans, which had already attracted national notice and praise. They believed that psychometric assessment could help them to select the best candidates and put together workable teams. The new posts varied from junior management to Assistant Director level.

Our discussions with our clients took account of their ambitions, parameters and limitations. We designed a process to enable a full assessment of:

  1. Personality factors;
  2. Numerical reasoning, and;
  3. Critical reasoning skills; as well as, for some roles,
  4. Emotional intelligence

Over several sessions we assessed:

Our clients were able to proceed with appointments to the new roles with the confidence that they were and building appropriate teams for future needs.

The internal candidates were further reassured that their employer was taking care to match their competencies with the Plan and giving scope to future growth. This was seen as a positive process, enhancing internal morale at a critical time.