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Psychometric Assessment

Now that age discrimination is illegal in UK with the introduction on 1 October 2006 of the Age Discrimination Act, employers need to rethink their person specifications. For example if these include a university degree or Highers/A levels, this may be discriminatory. Middle aged and older people are less likely to have a degree. Forty years ago only 5% of the population gained a degree whereas now over 40% do so. If the degree is specified in a particular subject this is also potentially problematic as now there are many more subjects to study at university. Psychometric tests and assessments provide a much safer alternative, as testing allows matching of the person to the role.

We have associates trained and qualified in a wide selection of methods for a range of purposes. Our psychometric assessors are fully qualified by the British Psychological Society (B.P.S.)to conduct single tests, full assessment centres for individuals or groups, or a group of tests for a particular purpose.

The BPS standards call for 'Reliability' and 'Validity'. It is important to use qualified testers as the value to both individuals and the employing organisation will be much reduced by using methods which do not reliably assess the parameters tested. Importantly, candidates may take legal action under Equal Opportunity legislation against existing or potential employers for using inappropriate or poor tests.

Some purposes of Assessment and Testing

See Assessment and Testing for more information.