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NeuroLinguistic Programming

The terminology can obscure the power of the technology. To simplify it:

Neuro - the five senses we bring to our working lives and relationships: Seeing, Feeling or hearing (plus taste and smell); we process information primarily in one of three ways which gives us our individual perceptions:

Linguistic - language (we describe what we experience in language however, language also creates and shapes our experience; e.g. compare:

Programming - the way we create our view of the world and people; e.g. the classic Optimist v. Pessimist programming 'the glass is half full' or '...half empty' is only one example of the many filters with which create our version of 'reality'. Entrepreneurs have very different programming around change and failure from most other people. Core beliefs, such as "Keep trying till you succeed", "That did not work, so let's try this next...." can make the key difference in a new endeavour.

NLP does make the difference by developing people - their perceptions, abilities, interactions, focus etc

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