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Choosing between external recruitment methods. (How to succeed cost-effectively where others fail)

Questions For Clients to consider before deciding how to recruit

If we manage this project ourselves do we:

If we consider external recruitment services, will they provide:

  1. Commitment to producing results (time, resources, knowledge);
  2. Professional 'management consultants' - committed to quality, service, objective and comprehensive advice;
  3. A track record of success, especially in competitive markets and in situations of major change?
  4. A full proposal - visit us to take a detailed brief and get to know us;
  5. Experienced researchers who can identify and reach top candidates?
  6. Advice on appropriate media, the marketplace etc.;
  7. Advice on the best method for our needs, taking account of timescale, any constraints, and budget limitations? (Without any bias to Selection or Search)?
  8. Membership of a professional body with a Code of Conduct;
  9. A bespoke process from years of experience; and report to us at agreed intervals;
  10. Competitive fee rates and value for money? and keep expenses to a minimum (treat our money as if it was their money)?

Your own questions.(Your suggested additions to our list would be welcome....).

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