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What is Executive Search (head hunting)?

Simply, direct approaches to potential candidates who would be unlikely to see or respond to an advertisement. For information on how to choose whether to conduct a search, see the Deciding how to recruit page.

Our methodology - Executive Search

Success appears to be most likely via an executive search when:

  1. There is a limited number of prospective target companies and candidates;
  2. We can identify and reach the candidates;
  3. A direct approach will cover the market cost-effectively, whereas advertising to reach all candidates could be expensive, or;
  4. Confidentiality is critical - when replacing an existing executive or maintaining secrecy re a new appointment or a market initiative.

Our approach is tailored to a client's specific needs:

1. Consulting, Research and long list preparation

2. Contact and interviewing

3. Interviews and Short Lists

4. Client Interviews and Negotiations

Target firms

There are often a limited number of firms which have suitably experienced individuals for a particular position. We concentrate at first on the most likely firms and extend from there as necessary following discussion with our client.

Off-Limits List

Where clients have reasons to avoid any organisation, we respect this, naturally. We also advise clients about any organisation which we could not approach, usually because it is an existing client. This seldom causes a problem, but it is an important ethical consideration. We limit the amount of work we undertake in any sector so that we avoid this problem.

The Code of Conduct of the Institute of Management Consultancy (the professional body for most of us) gives clear direction on disclosure of conflicts of interest.


Up to three to four weeks to produce reports on candidates for our client, depending on the number of companies to be approached. Timings are flexible depending on candidates' absence for holiday periods and their availability for interview.

Staffing the Assignment - Consultant and Researchers

These are detailed in the proposal.

Psychometric Assessment

This can be a useful adjunct to client interviews in assessing final stage candidates.

Fees, Expenses and Terms of Business

It is always difficult to estimate the time involved in a Search assignment however, many hours are involved in talking to potential candidates, conducting interviews etc. We agree a fee in advance. Our standard Terms of Business are attached to proposals.


It is always important to control approaches to candidates and interviews during an assignment. It appears particularly inept and unprofessional to candidates if more than one organisation approaches them (or is approaching their colleagues) on behalf of an employer. Such activity can have a negative effect on the outcome of an assignment, especially where a market is small - and potentially incestuous. We work on an exclusive basis with clients for the duration of an assignment.


Clients are assured of the strictest confidentiality at all times except as they authorise us to disclose to candidates.

If you wish to discuss a current vacancy with us, or to explore how we might assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us on Tel 0131 661 6671 or by email on info@diamondshr.co.uk