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Executive Recruitment

Whether your organisation is growing, retrenching, acquiring another business or reorganising, you need the right executives or professionals in the key roles.

That's where our Executive Search or Selection Services create value for you. Is your need for executive recruitment of directors, middle managers, professionals or technical specialists? Methods used are advertising, Selection Services and Executive Search, for which we work with highly experienced teams of researchers (track record of over 90% repeat business).

If you need to recruit a team to staff a department or key people to open a new office, we do that too. A specialty is those new and reorganised roles where we can add value to the process to ensure clients avoid unsuccessful appointments, instead ensuring all-round satisfaction.

Psychometric Assessment and Psychometric Testing

Do you need to assess a key director, a shortlist before final appointment, or staff being considered for retraining to a new field? We can help with all of these, and more.

Redundancy Counselling and Career Counselling

If the recession, a reorganisation or an acquisition necessitate redundancy planning, let us support your leavers through the process. This maintains the existing staff's morale at a difficult time and retains your reputation as an employer for the future.