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Redundancy Counselling and Outplacement

The current economic climate is compelling organisations to review their staffing.

In all these scenarios, we assist corporate businesses, professional firms, third sector organisations and public sector entities to achieve their aims with minimum disruption and maximum attention to the affected executives and staff. Our executive recruitment services are outlined here.

Responsible employers understand the need to support employees leaving through redundancy or organisational change.

For those leaving an organisation unwillingly, the effect can be extremely dislocating. Suddenly there is no structure to life, no business plan to follow, no daily routine. This is new territory for most people, so they have no route map. It takes time to build a new routine through (possibly) months of job searching. There is also the factor of the morale of remaining staff, who can be adversely affected by their colleagues' experience of leaving the organisation. If these people are supported to find suitable alternative careers, the effect on them can be dramatic.

Individual and Group Programmes, and Career Counselling

We work one-to-one with directors and executives, and organise bespoke programmes for groups of staff to your budget and timescale. See our career counselling programme for full details of the process.

We also work for executives undertaking personal career development on their own behalf. We partner you one to one.

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