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What is advertised selection?

Advertising can be expensive and if it does not work time (and considerable money) can be wasted. Why does a client retain us to advertise a position on their behalf? There are many reasons:

  1. It is highly confidential, perhaps because they are replacing an incumbent.
  2. The client does not want to alert the market to a new initiative;
  3. The organisation cannot use its name as it may not be overtly attractive to the best candidates; (and the alternative is a box number - seldom attractive - would you send your CV to a box number?);
  4. They do not know where best to place the advertisement as there are so many media and Internet sites;
  5. How can it be worded to stimulate candidates to reply;
  6. Their focus is to run their organisation, and effective recruitment takes time; or
  7. The appointment is just too important to risk it not succeeding.

Our methodology - Advertised Selection

We prepare a full proposal, we normally undertaking the following process, which is modified to meet the needs of particular situations:

Preparation and Advertising

Handling Candidates

Interview and Short List Submission

Client Interviews and Negotiations


Normally four to six weeks from advertisement date. This allows 10 working days for receipt of applications (more if an application pack is available to candidates prior to applying); arranging and holding interviews and finalising our reports. Timings are flexible depending on candidates' availability.

Psychometric Assessment

This can be a useful adjunct to client interviews in assessing final stage candidates.

Fees, Expenses and Terms of Business

We agree a fee with clients in advance. Our standard Terms of Business are attached to proposals.


We work on an exclusive basis with clients for the duration of an assignment.


Clients are assured of the strictest confidentiality at all times except as they authorise us to disclose to candidates.

If you wish to discuss a current vacancy with us, or to explore how we might assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us on Tel 0131 661 6671 or by email on info@diamondshr.co.uk