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We operate to the highest professional standards, under the Code of Practice of the Institute of Consulting.

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The Team and Our Resources

We are a "virtual" management consultancy, i.e. we form the best team for specific assignments rather in the way a top film crew joins up to make an Oscar-winning movie; so the team has total commitment to the project in hand, but no permanent structure. Our associates are top consultants and our executive research teams are proven professionals with long track records.

Barbara Robertson

Over 25 years' experience as a Human Resource Consultant, specialising in:

Born and raised on Scotland's West Coast, Barbara has an M. A. from University of Glasgow and is a Fellow of the Institute of Consulting. As a Certified Management Consultant she belongs to a group of under 1,600 UK qualified consultants recognised internationally. She is on the committee of the Institute of Directors in Edinburgh.

Her background includes 13 years with leading global consultancy and accountancy firms mostly in the Far East, then London and latterly Scotland.

Clients range from household name multinationals to SMES, charities, Not For Profit organisations, academic, health and governmental bodies. She set up her own consultancy 16 years ago based on values of commitment to results for clients, creating value, professionalism and good practice, and integrity.